What the Folklore? Podcast

We started this podcast in 2015 to explore the weird, strange, and wonderful folklore from all over the world. Each week we break down a new fairy tale in an attempt to introduce them to new audiences and reinterpret them for the modern age: taking these stories along for the next stage of the journey of folklore oral tradition. 

We're each storytellers in different media, with long-running interested in folklore. Mostly, we're just excited about stories: both discovering new ones and making up our own.



Gordie: Gordie got his start in the crayon-illustrated book game, writing sequels to Jurassic Park and Star Wars (no royalties for Star Wars VII yet). These days he can be found designing video games in his spare time, as well as playing many, many childrens' card games. He does some photography, plays some guitar, and is an unfortunate addict to the news. Likes stories about discovery and exploration, and also enjoys when things have unnecessary rule systems.


Tyler: Tyler is an animator, a goof enthusiast, a bit of a crimeweaver, and is endlessly fascinated by the stories we tell and why we tell them. He enjoys a plethora of podcasts, video games, and the absolute worst possible movies he can find on Netflix. Thanks to his love of cartoons, his taste in folktales typically veers towards the bizarre and bombastic, featuring characters with strong ideals and force of will. Tyler will probably be talking about Dragon Ball Z on his deathbed.


Carman: Carman is an illustrator, storyteller, and gastromancer.  She's consistently decades (or centuries) behind almost all of pop culture and has a terrible habit of trying to turn every hobby into a job in order to escape the dread maw of the cubicle.  You can find her at local community art centers teaching art and writing to hoppin' teens (and kids... and adults) or at home teaching dancing and high fives to Cricket.  She loves character-driven stories with a strong mythic structure and gets way too excited when we're able to connect two disconnected tales.


Cricket: Known cat and intern of the show. She does a better job of being a cat than fulfilling her podcasting duties, but even that could use some work. 


John Waterbottle: Our silent best friend, and the best person any of us will ever know. Truly a modern saint.