How to Support the Show

There are a few ways you can help keep this train rolling, like sending us stories or tweeting titles to Gordie (it's very important that he never perform this service for himself).

The best way to support us is by donating on Patreon, which allows us to upgrade our equipment, cover hosting costs, and pursue more ambitious related projects. In short, it opens up a lot of time for us to spend on the show. Our current reward tiers are:


Member of the Animal A-Team ($1): You have our infinite thanks and a mention on a special patron page on our blog. All Patrons get access to annual bonus episodes as well as the backlog of all annual bonus episodes, and access to our discord server's text channels to chat with us and other patrons and vote on episode titles.


A "Good" Fairy ($2):Our infinite thanks continue, we'll add you to the patron page on our blog along with an Aarne-Thompson Type specifically chosen for you, access to the backlog of annual bonus episodes, as well as all lower tier rewards including our Discord server, where you can chat with us and other patrons and vote on episode titles. 


Secret Bird Agent ($5): We'll give you a shout-out as an executive producer on a dedicated episode of the show soon after you join, access to the voice channel of the Discord server as well as the text channels where you can vote on episode titles, early release of some longer episodes, access to the backlog of annual bonus episodes, as well as all lower tier rewards.


Parishioner of the Church of the Knife ($10): We'll thank you by name in each and every episode, you'll get access to additional monthly bonus episodes as well as the backlog of all bonus episodes, and access to high-resolution prints of any art we make for the show, as well as all lower reward tiers including our Discord server, where you can chat with us and                              other patrons and vote on episode titles.  

Thank you to all of our current patrons:

Church of the Knife.png

Parishioners of the Church of the Knife:

  • Sara G: ATU 470A A Skeleton is Invited to a Wedding, Episode 165

  • Robert F: ATU 955 The Robber Bridegroom, Episode 147

  • Haley Michels: ATU 1881 Carried Through the Air by Game Birds, Episode 175

  • Whisper Biscuit: ATU 1626 Dream Bread, Episode 171

  • Timothy S: ATU 675 The Fool Whose Wishes Always Come True, Episode 168

  • Dom S: ATU 1313 The Man Who Thought Himself Dead, Episode 167

  • Justin: ATU 500 Guessing the Helper's Name, Episode 166

  • Jerimiah E: ATU 440 The Frog King, Episode 161

  • Ladybuglily: ATU 545 The Cat as Helper, Episode 160

  • Jenna S: ATU 1804 The Eel Filled With Sand, Episode 89

  • Jen: ATU 1387 A Woman Draws Beer in the Cellar, Episode 173

  • Heather Sinke: ATU 945 Luck and Intelligence. Which is More Powerful?, Episode 126

  • RoastRabbit: ATU 471 The Bridge to Another World, Episode 179

  • McAtnip: ATU 2033 Henny Penny Thinks the Sky Is Falling, Episode 184

  • Grace: ATU 305 Dragon's Blood as Cure, Episode 186

  • Maia B: ATU 1334 the Local Moon, Episode 188

  • Liz W: ATU A1241 Made From Clay, Episode 185

  • Talie: ATU 570 The Rabbit Herd, Episode 195

  • Monkey_King: coming soon

  • Pyris: ATU 330B The Devil In the Sack, Episode 201

  • The Day Dude: ATU 898 Daughter of the Sun, Episode 200

  • Mairzy: ATU 53 Reynard the Fox at Court, Episode 204

  • April M: ATU 1345 Stories Depended Upon Puns, Episode 162

  • Latesha R: coming soon

  • Yahweh-Yaoi: coming soon

  • Nathanthescott: ATU 929 Clever Defenses

  • E. C. McGregor: coming soon

  • Kasey W: coming soon

Project Birdfall.png

Secret Bird Agents:

  • Kerrima: ATU 2031 Strong, Stronger, Strongest, Episode 177

  • Carl with a C: ATU 1628 The Learned Son and the Forgotten Language, Episode 176

  • Kaitlyn B: ATU 236 Imitating Bird Sounds, Episode 174

  • Christopher S: ATU 106 Talking Like an Animal, Episode 170

  • Oliver Snoutman: ATU 201 The Lean Dog Prefers Liberty to Abundant Food and a Chain, Episode 157

  • Izzy Crimson: ATU 449 The Tsar's Dog, Episode 152

  • New World Witchery: ATU 334 In the Household of the Witch, Episode 60

  • David M: ATU 844 The Luck-Bringing Shirt, Episode 59

  • Linda Clarke: ATU 247 Every Mother Thinks Her Child is the Most Beautiful, Episode 58

  • Brandon from Jump Kick Punch: ATU 518 Big Fight Over Magic Things, Episode 56

  • Bee B: ATU 812 The Devil's Riddle, Episode 178

  • Ida H: ATU 670a The Woman Who Understood Animal Languages, Episode 181

  • Samwise C: ATU 466 A Journey to the Other World, Episode 187

  • David S: ATU 1430 Air Castles, Episode 189

  • Emma v.H: ATU type 531 Ferdinand the Hero's Horse, Episode 190

  • Phillip H: ATU 440 Iron Henry, Episode 191

  • Amy: ATU 322 Magnet Mountain Attracts Everything, Episode 192

  • Cole G: ATU 780 The Singing Bone, Episode 196

  • Sexy Dragonborn Dad: ATU 465D Quests for the Impossible, Episode 197

  • Dave M: ATU 1540 The Man From Paradise, Episode 206

  • VersusMe101: coming soon

  • Vespa P: coming soon

  • Ashton H: ATU 1558 Clothes Make the Man, Episode 207

  • Chrissi: coming soon

  • Arcnes Darkhar: coming soon

  • Katie A: coming soon

  • Sarah D: ATU 929 Clever Defenses

  • Mary H: coming soon

  • Jerimiah S: coming soon

  • Arcnes Darkhart: coming soon





Good Fairy.png

Good Fairies:

  • Jessica H: ATU 1015 Whetting the Knife.

  • Alicia M: ATU 2300 Endless Tales

  • Lorena C: ATU 311 Rescue by the Sister

  • Jess C: ATU 962 The Girl Who Played With Bread

  • Bee: ATU 554 The Grateful Animals

  • Alex D: ATU 1876 Chickens on a Strin

  • Stevai: ATU 408 The Love of Three Oranges

  • Kelty F: ATU 1029 The Bargain Ends When the Cuckoo Sings

  • Chris B: ATU 460b The Journey In Search of Luck

  • Rhys W: ATU 532 God’s Godson

  • Tentacle Duck: ATU 1086 Jumping Into the Ground

  • Frances B: ATU 291 A Deceptive Tug-Of-War

  • Greg S: ATU 1548 Nail Soup

  • Luise H: ATU 285d The Man and the Snake Become Enemies

  • Aubrey G: ATU 707, Dancing Water, Singing Apple, and Speaking Bird

  • Emma G: ATU 580 Money Without End

  • Katya M: ATU 782 The Emperor Who Had Goat’s Ears

  • Katie Z: ATU 910B Advice Well Taken


Members of the Animal A-Team:

  • Victoria H

  • Aaron C

  • Laurence H

  • Scott A

  • Aziz T

  • Gamerswift

  • Maddie Miller

  • Olivia P

  • Josh G

  • Michael R

  • Toaster

  • Wyatt C

  • Wally K

  • Erin G

  • Owen E

  • Hrafn

  • Samuel L

  • L Lee B

  • Chelsea

  • Anya S

  • Jessica G

  • Julie

  • Kay

  • Lara D

  • Mary M

  • Madeline L

  • Kobi K

  • Frances B